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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Facebook Free WiFi expansion of businesses around

According to Wired magazine’s network reports, two engineers from Facebook promoted the concept for "free Facebook Wi-Fi" in May 2012. From then on, tested Facebook Wi-Fi has provided a wider access for the public besides the company's current location, stretching out to Palo Alto and cafes in San Francisco, and this new function was even included in routers made by Cisco.

Information source has pointed out that, the aim of the plan is to provide users with free Internet access. Once users enter into shops of Facebook's commercial partners, they only need to launch the "check-in" app of Facebook to visit Wi-Fi networks. However, if users are not willing to expose their locations, then they can set the "audience" option as " Only myself allowed " when" checking " in, so in this way, their location information can not be identified.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

www.facebook.com had temporary paralysis this morning: customers of several countries were affected

Facebook had temporary paralysis this morning: customers of several countries were affected

On June 19, according to the report of foreign media,the Australian financial review said, Facebook encountered network paralysis,with a duration of more than 20 minutes,customers of several countries were affected.

The Australian financial review said the accident happened on Wednesday,at 11 am of Australian eastern time.(Beijing time is on June 19, at 9 am), users of North America, South America, Europe and other places complained about being unable to log in Facebook,and it's back to normal after more than 20 minutes.

Facebook later said in a statement, the reson that users can not log in is because there is problem in
the company's "internal network".

Facebook.com CEO visit samsung: to discuss the potential cooperation

www.facebook.com CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) met South Korea (samsung executives)in Seoul on Tuesday.
According to Samsung electronics co-ceo, director of mobile business Shen Zongjun(Shin Jong Kyun), Mr Zuckerberg and samsung executives discussed the potential cooperation, and discussed the current situation of the IT industry.

Since last year's IPO (initial public offering) in may,Facebook's shares have fallen by 37%, which disappointed investors. Zuckerberg has said it will give back to the investors through investing products. Currently, Facebook is trying to promote mobile advertising revenue. They hope users spend more time on mobile devices, the samsung is the world's biggest smartphone maker.

Earlier on Tuesday, South Korea's President, park geun-hye met with zuckerberg in the blue house. Park geun-hye introduced priorities of the government economic policy to zuckerberg,about relevant policy, encourage venture enterprise do poineering work, and exchanged views with cooperated scheme of Facebook, etc.

Zuckerberg said to park geun-hye,Facebook plans to intensify investment in South Korea, and make Facebook as a business platform.

This year on April 22 and April 26, park geun-hye separately met Microsoft chairman Bill Gates (Bill Gates) and Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) in South Korea.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It is said Facebook will launch the video application of the new version of Instagram

Citing the insider said Facebook will launch the new version of Instagram application supporting taking photo and sharing short video at the new product release conference on June 20.
The report said the new version of Instagram launched by Facebook will allow the users to take photo and share short video like Vine provided by Twitter which supports the user to publish a video for 6 seconds and that of instagram will be limited in 5 to 10 seconds.
The Vine service provided by Twitter has increased rapidly after it is launched which has a strong potential to alter Twitter and picture sharing. The users can record the video for several seconds through Vine and then share it with friends. The Vine video has been added to Twitter's timer shaft at the same time.
Considering the big success of the video service of its opponent Twitter presumably Facebook will response it. But it needs to observe whether it will launch the similar product or not at the launch conference on June 20. But previously there was news saying Facebook will launch itself's  RSS reader aiming at Google reader coming off the shelves at the launch conference on June 20.
At last week Facebook published the media invitation letter and said it will held the launch conference at the company's headquarters in menlo park, California on Thursday and display a mysterious product. The letter said " A small team of it is working for the big creativity. Come to drink the coffee with us and know about the new product." It is interesting Facebook deliberately design a "coffee stain" at the lower right corner.

Google and Twitter bombarded Facebook: It is a retroversion to disclose the information

Accoring to the report of media, last Friday Facebook became the first company which was permitted by the government to disclose the information situation asked by the government publicly. However Facebook was criticized by Google, Twitter and other the same trade and Google thought the disclosed information by Facebook in which the demand of all kinds of intelligence especially the demand of the information related to national security was a retroversion.
Facebook announced on Friday it had made a progress after the consuit with American government. Facebook announced at the same day it received total 20,000 times of the the demand of user information by the government which is related to mearly 20,000 users in the second half of last year.
It is needed to point out the reports disclosed by Facebook they had put together all the information demand statistics of the government sector like the information related to the terrorist demanded by the intelligence department according to FISA and the normal information such as the police finds the missing persons.
Although Facebook regarded the step as a progress Facebook made some concession to the American government according to AFP and other media. Like only if to satisfy certain conditions it can disclose the intelligence demand related to FISA. In addition it mustn't publish the demand number related to the intelligence alone.
The concession of Facebook was criticized by Google and Twitter. A announcement of Google showed Google usually thought it was necessary to distinguish the Internet information demanded by different government sectors. Google had published a report before (mainly is the government for criminal reasons to demand the Internet information), but the demand of information for national security increased gradually.
Google said it is a retroversion for users that lumping the two information demand for the ordinary criminal and the national security information. "Google is clear about the demand of the government and public all types information demand related to national security include the intelligence of FISA and every demand is opened separately."
The legal director of Twitter also said he agreed with Google and to separately disclose every information demand of the government.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

An anonymous discloses the phone number of Philippine President on Facebook

One "hacker" of Philippine published 3 phone numbers on the Internet in the evening of 14 and claimed that they were the "private phone" of President Benigno aquino. The spokesman of Philippine condemned the "cyber vandalism".
A user called “mask" on social website published these phone numbers on his personal homepage and appealed his more than 9,000 "fans" to dial the phone and to communicate with the President directly.
"The most people can't get the response for so many questions", the user left a message in filipino language, "It is always hard to communicate with one people through the intermediary. If we send a letter we even don't know whether he can receive it or not." The user called himself "the anonymous of Philipine" and the branch of International computer "hacker" team "anonymous" and had broken into many nongovernmental sites.
The presidential spokesman of Philipppine Ricky fitts, LanDan verified the phone number not to belong to the president and didn't state whether the disclosure would damage the personal safety of the President or the state secrets. "In a word this is a cyber vandalism," LanDan said, "We are handling it."
These phone numbers couldn't be got through.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Analysis of facebook.com's search volume

 We can see from the graph,from January 2004 to August 2005,the search volume was 0,after that,it had a very very small growth,from September 2005 to August 2006,the search volume was just 1%,till January 2007,the search volume was 2%.But after that,it started to grow quickly,and from March 2009,it grew more rapidly,and reached to its peak in September 2009.But after that,it had a big decrease,reached its volume in June 2010,then had a small growth again,then decline slowly.
Across the world,Sierra leone enjoys the highest search volume of facebook.com,the second is Ghana with a search volume of 68%,the next is Gambia with a search volume of 65% and Chad with a search volume of 44%.